Mariposa Native Plants: Seeds Generally Available

Monarch butterfly on Narrowleaf Milkweed plants. Photo copyright © 2018 Mariposa Native Plants.

Current seed inventory list:

We encourage planting the following perennials; they support the monarch butterfly caterpillar:

Canyon Live Oak acorn. Photo copyright © 2019 Mariposa Native Plants.

Oak trees are a crucial anchor component of several California ecosystems

You can ensure their long-term survival by cultivating them from acorns. It takes a long time, of course, but it's worth it when you consider the ecological value and the ease by which you can facilitate landscape restoration. Pay attention to your local elevation and oak woodland environment.

Seeds for trees, large tree-like shrubs, and shrubs:

Redbud tree in flower, early spring. Photo copyright © 2019 Mariposa Native Plants.

Seeds for perennial herbs:

Coyote Mint plants in flower, late spring, lower mountains. Photo copyright © 2019 Mariposa Native Plants.



How to order seeds: